A 19-year-old has been accused of conducting aggravated assault.


According to the Austin Police Department, Merrick David Isaacks,19, has been arrested after he shot at a cyclist from a car so he could ‘blow off steam’.

The victim, Alonso Solis-Mata, was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center.

The incident took place around midnight on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, in the 6300 block of East Riverside Drive.

After the incident, first responders administered CPR and treated the victim’s wounds that he got on the back, shoulder, and head after he was shot by the gun.

While carrying out the investigations, detectives managed to link between the incident and an aggravated assault case that was under Family Violence Unit’s investigation.

“Blowing Off Steam”

Investigators found out that a witness in the aggravated assault case was driving Merrick David Isaacks in order to help him ‘blow off steam’ and that Isaacks had shot a shotgun from the car at the same point the victim was shot and injured.

The investigations unveiled the fact that Isaacks threatened the eyewitness by pointing a gun to him so he can drive him around after Isaacks had already attacked his girlfriend.

The witness had nothing to do but to drive him around.

Isaacks told the witness that he “wanted to shoot or kill someone”.

The driver asked him not to open fire. However, Isaacks “turned his entire body toward the passenger side door and lifted the shotgun to the window as if he was aiming at something and fired one shot” during the drive, the affidavit said. The witness told police he believed Isaacks had shot at a cyclist.

After firing the shotgun, Isaacks threatened the witness to drive him for most of the night while he was firing his weapon randomly outside the car. Isaacks is now arrested at the Travis County Jail on a $250,000 bail.