There’s been much speculation about whether Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle will spend Christmas together. And, now the new couple have been spotted buying a 6ft Christmas tree together not far from the prince’s Kensington Palace home.

However, Prince Harry, 32, is understood to be spending Christmas Day itself with his grandmother, The Queen, at Sandringham as is in keeping with royal tradition. However, the pair have now been reunited to spend some time together before that, over the festive season.

The couple, who have been together since August, were seen looking at trees at Pines and Needles in Battersea. Sam Lyle, who runs the company, said that the couple were “completely charming together”. He added that the couple wished him a Merry Christmas before choosing a Nordmann Fir. Prince Harry paid £56.95 for the tree before he carried it to his car himself and drove off.


Gary Spence, who was also at the Christmas tree shop, said: “It was a bit weird seeing Prince Harry browsing the Christmas trees. I thought he’d go for the biggest one around, but he just wanted a little six footer.”

It is thought that the prince and Ms Markle were taking the tree back to Nottingham Cottage, where he lives at Kensington Palace on the eastern side of Hyde Park. Prince Harry had earlier visited Ms Markle in Toronto, where she is filming Suits, after taking a diversion from an official tour of the Caribbean to go via Canada rather than returning straight to the UK.

Ms Markle was then seen out and about with a friend on Sunday in Toronto, before catching a flight to be with her royal beau. She is taking time to relax with Prince Harry after writing a piece about how she had suffered racism in Hollywood and the US as a whole.

Writing in Elle UK magazine, she said that you had to push for “colour-blind casting” and to create the identity you wanted for yourself in a bid to combat prejudice and racism.