Freddy the Great Dane is the World’s Biggest Dog. Standing at 7ft 6in on his hind legs, he would tower over many of the globe’s leading basketball stars. Freddy is now featured in the Guinness World Record books as the biggest dog anywhere in the world.

The pet’s owner Claire Stoneman, who lives with Freddy in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, says she is totally devoted to looking after the huge hound, along with his slightly smalller sister Fleur. Forty one year old Ms Stoneman says she has even put her pets before her own love life.

She said she had been single for the last four years, but she got plenty of cuddles from her pets. Because she does not have children, she says that her dogs are her kids. She also revealed that Freddy even shares her bed.

Whole chickens and peanut butter

However, the former glamour model said that she was ready to find the right man, but he would have to be willing to share a home with her beloved pets. They will also have to be prepared for the financial investment which she makes in her dogs. Because Freddy weighs in at 14.5 stone, he needs a lot of food. His favourite treats are whole roast chickens or peanut butter on toast. Ms Stoneman estimates that she spends more than £12,500 a year to take care of her two dogs.

However, as a puppy, he developed a taste for sofas. He ate 23 settees before realising that it was much better to sit on them rather than consume them. However, even though she arrived home many times to find a sea of foam across her floor like a scene from Marley and Me, she said she would never consider life without Freddy.

Ms Stoneman gets up very early to make sure that Freddy and Fleur do not meet any other dogs during their 40 minute walks. Freddy is set to appear in a new documentary called The World’s Biggest Dog.