With cycling outweighing driving as a means of transportation in London, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has vowed to contribute to the cause with a whopping £770m, saying it should be the clear and obvious choice for Londoners in improving the deteriorating quality of air within the city.

Although the ambitious plan will prove to be an advantageous one, Keith Person, the spokesperson for the Conservative Assembly of Transport made the following remark on the matter.

Cycling Legacy

“Whilst it’s good to see the Mayor extending Boris’ cycling legacy, I have some serious concerns over the levels of investment he is promising. Having already taken £640million from Tfl’s budget with his fares freeze, the Mayor is now promising large-scale cycling investment without explaining where the money is coming from.”

Mr. Khan strategy will soon be aligned with examples of cycle-friendly lifestyles as seen in Denmark and the Netherlands. Disapproval of Mr. Khan not being as intrepid as Boris Johnson, the previous mayor when it comes to the matter of the creation for newer routes for cycling, Mr. Khan has pitched plans for about two newer superhighways.

The superhighways would be detached completely from the regular streets with automobiles. The mayor stated this cycling campaign would clearly prove to be of profitable benefits regarding the health matters, air quality, and with the jamming in the streets.

Promises for the Future

Mr. Khan promised in a statement that this will be “the most pro-cycling mayor London has ever had. With record amounts of money now committed for cycling in London, we will continue to work over the coming months developing further detailed plans for making cycling a safe and obvious choice for Londoners of all ages and backgrounds.”

The step comes as the mayor also pledges £7million to promote youth interest in the tech, design, and creative fields through a new program to be launched this year.