About 100 were involved in a massive street fight in Chertsey Road, Woking just as Christmas Day had begun.

The authorities rushed to the scene in an attempt to stop the fight, along with the assistance of police dogs to bring back order to the area.

Four people have currently been taken into custody by the police, as coins had been allegedly tossed towards them, and numerous taxi drivers stated that they had been threatened throughout the duration of the violent incident, which had lasted for at least a whole hour.

Christmas Chaos

Upon knowledge of the humongous brawl, the Surrey police rushed to Chertsey Road after receiving multiples of calls regarding the ongoing violence in the street.

The four individuals taken into custody have been put under charges of disrupting public order.

Mr.Clinton Blackburn made a statement following the incident saying Christmas Eve usually is a time where citizens go out to enjoy themselves, partying, dining, socializing, etc.

However, amidst the joy and peaceful day, just three hours had passed into Christmas before a large group of people decided to destroy the evening by turning on each other in public.

The Sourness of the Night

Mr. Blackburn says that authorities had performed their duties well in dissolving the situation, with the aid of not only officers and police dogs, but also with the National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter that came to salvage Christmas Eve as well.

The authorities had officially dispersed the entire street brawl by around 4 am, an hour since it had begun.

Coins were constantly tossed at the officers intervening in the brawl, but nonetheless the entire quarrel had ended by their efforts.

The authorities have requested for any person who has recorded the street fight through their mobile phones to notify them as soon as possible and show it to them, along with eye witnesses to the incident so as to arrest those responsible.