On Thursday the Obama Administration had publicly announced that they intend on reimbursing the veterans who had ingested water that was deemed toxic while they were situated at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Disability benefits were approved by the administration and have vowed to pay $2 billion so as to aid the affected veterans’ cases.

The cash payouts have been said to being available to the sick veterans by early March, 2017, and proper documents and evidence regarding their cases have and will be requested for each veteran to submit prior to receiving disability benefits, which includes relevant documents that mention the information of their services.

A Direct Link

Bob McDonald, the outgoing secretary for Veterans Affairs (VA) declared that there is a direct link as provided by scientific and medical evidence that the ingestion of the toxic water has led to at least eight different and rather damaging health conditions that would indeed deserve nothing less than receiving disability reimbursement.

The VA have claimed that over 900,000 of the marines may have been exposed to the water that was deemed poisonous.

The VA had already set up health care specifically to assist the veteran who had been stationed at Camp Lejeune in the time between August 1st 1953 and December 31st, 1987, so these recently passed payments will serve to further aid those who have been affected.

Not the End of the Matter

Sgt.Jerry Ensminger, a retired Marine master says these recent news are no doubt a positive and needed step, but the government should still seek to support their cases far more than this, adding that this is not yet the end of the matter.

Ensminger’s daughter Janey received leukemia and died when she was just 9 years old, and there is reason to believe it had to do with his own medical conditions as a result of the toxic water he had been exposed to.

However the Marine Corps claim that the contamination of the waters were most likely not deliberate, since back then the government had not put a certain limit or ban on toxins that were dumped into drinkable water.