Serial killer Steven Dean Gordon, 47, who murdered four women in cold blood in Anaheim and Santa Ana between 2013-2014 has received the death penalty by an Orange County jury.

Gordon represented himself during the case that took place in Santa Ana and did not resist or deny his capturing and killing of the four women who worked as prostitutes.

Gordon did not object one bit to his final sentence, stating himself even that any person who kills four individuals in the way that he did, should receive no less than to be killed. Gordon added that fairness to this matter will be achieved once the death penalty is executed.

According to Gordon, he fired off his public defender and decided to represent himself to get the case over and done with quicker, as well as so he can confess his crimes and plead guilty.

The Everlasting Pain

Larry Yellin, the prosecutor for the case asked the jurors to reflect and deeply consider the amount of pain and brutality that was shown to Gordon’s victims, along with Franc Cano, Gordon’s co-defendant to be accounted for in the atrocities as well.

Mr. Yellin expressed his feelings on the case by stating these two criminals showed nothing less than sadistic and evil natures who had been joined together through a series of inconvenient coincidences.

Gordon Enraged

Gordon lashed out towards his probation agents, telling them that if only they had surveyed him more thoroughly and carefully, then no association between him and Cano would have occurred, thus all four women would never have been killed as of now.

Gordon went on to rant about Cano’s actions, saying that it was him who had inflicted excessive violence towards one specific woman, Jarrae Estepp, 21 years old and broke her neck by tramping on her.

However, Gordon apologized to the family of all victims, and the mothers of all the four women expressed their feelings by making individual statements.