Doctors have called for the review of the safe age limit for toy guns, as well recommend the use of protective eye wears after treating three persons with internal hemorrhage close to the eye, blurred vision and pain resulting from toy gunshots from kids, as reported by BMJ Case.

Hasbro has cautioned players never to target the face or eyes with their Nerf guns. It also advocates on its packaging that only the bullets meant for the products should be used with it.

The maker Nerf guns, Hasbro designs its product for kids aged eight or above. It also has replacement bullets, though cheaper versions can be gotten from online retailers.

Nerf guns could be dangerous

According to the eye experts at the Accident & Emergency at Moorfields Eye Hospital, the unlabeled bullet heads could cause more damage than parents may think due to its harder heads. In their report, they discussed the-the injuries sustained by a child and two adults in different occasions, all associated with Nerf guns.

They pointed out that a 32-year-old man got shot in the eye by a child with a Nerf gun eight meters away, and that resulted in a red-eye and blurred vision.

Another case recorded was that of a 43-year old woman who also got shot in her right eye from a meter distance. She suffered sore eye, and blurred vision as well. Likewise, an 11-year-old boy was shot in his right eye from a two meters distance, he also complained of blurred vision and pain.

However, all the patients got treated with eye drops after examinations. They came for checkups some weeks later, and their sight was normal again.

Protective goggles

While the three patients were lucky to have their sight back to normalcy, the doctors advised that products like the Nerf gun bullets that travel long distance with speed could cause permanent vision loss.

A patient told the doctors that many videos online show how kids can modify their Nerf guns to optimize their shooting strategies and efficiency. The doctors said that this calls more for the need to wear protective eyewear when using the Nerf guns.

However, they said more study is needed to find out if more cases of eye injuries are recorded due to toy guns. They added that they couldn’t state the safe distance for shooting to avert eye injuries regarding the three patients.