A little boy may never be able to talk again after suffering horrendous injuries to his throat and voice box after drinking drain cleaner while shopping with his mum.

Ayman Faisal had been strapped into his pushchair while on a shopping trip with his mum Saira in Moss Side, Manchester. The pair were at Safa Superstore on one of many regular shopping trips to pick up food and supplies.

But, as Saira turned around to pick something from a shelf, little Ayman, who was two at the time, grabbed a bottle of drain cleaner and, believing it to be a drink, he drank it down. The bottle contained caustic soda which caused severe damage, and the boy was bluelighted to hospital with horrific injuries to his mouth, his airways, oesophagus and stomach.


Now six, he still cannot speak as a result of his injuries and is kept alive through a tube in his stomach as he cannot eat. His family has now decided to launch legal action against both the shop and the maker of the drain cleaner as they try to get compensation they feel they are entitled to to pay for his ongoing care.

While Saira says the bottle looked like it had a child proof top, it could be unscrewed and her son managed to open it easily. She said she had only popped into the shop to grab a couple of things on her way home and had turned around for just a few seconds.

She had no idea what had happened at first, but saw there was blood coming from his mouth and his lips had turned blue and purple. Little Ayman was rushed to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for emergency treatment, spending a month there in intensive care. He then had another six months in hospital on a general ward.