After several negative reviews from customers, LG publically apologizes and admits that its new premium computer displays experience performance issues when they’re near a Wi-Fi router. It also ensured that any display manufactured from February 2017 will not have this issue.

The electronics giant, LG, has publicly apologized to its customers, admitting that its new premium-priced computer displays, the LG Ultrafine 5K monitors, experience “performance issues” when they’re placed next to a Wi-Fi router. Customers have been noticing these issues and posting negative reviews on their sites.

Customer’s Comments

Customers have been noticing that the displays would flicker and then switch off when they’re placed near a Wi-Fi router.

One reviewer wrote: “Monitor arrived today and the picture flickered on or off when using with a brand new MacBook Pro.”

Another said: “The device is not properly shielded from Wi-Fi radiation, so you can’t have a Wi-Fi router within two meters of this display or it will go black.

“Simple not ready for public release.”

LG’s and Apple’s Statements

LG apologized in a statement, for “any inconvenience customers may have experienced.”

It said that “changing the location or positioning of either the router or the display should resolve the issue.”

It also said that Ultrafine 5K monitor manufactured from February 2017 would have “enhanced shielding to protect the devices from electromagnetic interference.”

It also encouraged customers whos problems persist to immediately contact LG.

What’s The Problem with Them?

According to AppleInsider, an Apple source said: “At first analysis, it may be an issue with insufficient RFI shielding on a very limited quantity of the cabling bundled with the monitor.”