Mexican consulates in 50 US states contain legal aid centers in order to protect Mexican citizens from the current tough immigration enforcement.

Luis Videgaray, Mexican Foreign Minister, has expressed his country’s concern over the human rights situation of Mexican immigrants in the US. However, he insists that the newly established migrant defense centers would not promote illegality.

New guidelines prompt an increase in legal aid:

Last month, President Donald Trump issued new guidelines as he ordered federal agents to join local police and immigration officers to enforce deportation procedures. This move has worried Mexico over its impact on the lives of its citizens.

After living in the US for many years, millions of Mexicans are now facing the threat of deportation or, at best, the prospect of fighting a lengthy and costly legal battle against the decision.

These newly established defense centers will provide legal aid, free of charge, to Mexican citizens who feel that their rights are being threatened in the US

Tense relationship:

Relations between Mexico and the US are at their lowest in decades.

Trump, just one week after assuming the president’s office, has reaffirmed his campaign promise to build a wall along the border between the two countries which stretched 3,200km (2,000 miles), and insisted that Mexico will pay for it.

These comments led Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto to cancel his scheduled visit to the US, which should have taken place on January 31st, and to announce an increase in funding to protect the rights of Mexican citizens in the US

Mr Videgaray said to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Chief John Kelly during their visit to Mexico last month, that Trump’s policies towards Mexico were a source of “concern and irritation”.

It’s estimated that there are around 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. 6 million of which are allegedly Mexican citizens.