The four-day suspension begins today for nurses at Tufts Medical Center yesterday participated in the first strike in three decades of sister cities.

“Bargaining committees are not currently on the table,” medical sources said. “Marriage is the meeting held outside, while we have focused on providing professional care for patients.”

More than 1,000 nurses slipped past Tufts Medical Center

The hospital said the people concerned will not be able to get to work until Monday. Tufts officials said that the hospital is not participating in the “exclusion” technique since it is an official term they used for all nurses who are interdicted from working. However, those who worked yesterday are authorised before Monday.

Terry Hundson-Jinks, the head nurse at the hospital, said 12 nurses’ union crossed the border. He also said that the hospital made “significant movement” in an effort to meet the demands of the union.

“We extended the 18-month withdrawal and returned $ 2.5 million on the table,” he said. “Shocking me to even look at our proposal before we leave. It is very disappointing. ”
Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association have expressed support from Tufts Medical Center.

“The decision of the strike of the union of nurses MNA Tufts Medical Center is regrettable and erroneous,” said the statement. “The strike has examined the best interests of all stakeholders. Patients, nurses and hospitals A new campaign was prevented. ”

The hospital hired 300 nurses, who receive $ 65 per hour

A large group of nurses working in an intensive care unit of the neonatal hospital spent the night before yesterday left the building and 25 newborns in their care.
“It’s very moving the door,” Susan Horowitz, a nurse in the 31-year-old UNSI said with tears in her eyes. “It really struck us when we see that our partners are supporting us here, know how hard it is to reduce and let 25 baby back.”