A statement was released by Prince’s estate, saying that Tidal was allowed exclusive rights to an album for 90 days, but it did not have exclusive rights to the rest of Prince’s catalog. The estates is suing Tidal streaming services, which is owned by rap mogul, Jay-Z. They are demanding that streaming service take down the additional music of Prince.

Prince became famous as the artist that fought with the music industry to maintain the rights to all of his music. Last year, it was announced that the artist’ estates had a made a deal with Tidal. The deal was to exclusively release the album titled, “HITnRUN Phase One”. In the lawsuit that was filed by Prince’s estate, they note that the agreement only allow Tidal to exclusive right to one album for 90 days. The deal did not include any additional music from the artist’s catalog.

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was filed at a federal court in Minnesota, where Prince was born and raised. The lawsuit goes on to say, Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Tidal did not communicate with the artist’s estate to “expand the offering of Prince’s work on the Tidal service.” A jury trial was requested by the estate to force the streaming service to pay any damages and remove the music catalog. Tidal did not immediately reply to the lawsuit. As of Wednesday, Prince’s extensive catalog was available on Tidal.

Tidal’s promotion has been focused on exclusive music that it holds, such as Prince’s catalog. This has been there strategy to get a bigger market share of the streaming music industry. Currently, Spotify dominates the market, and Apple Music has become a new competitor.

Bremer Trust overseas Prince’s estate, since there was never a will at the time of the artist’s death. Bremer Trust has been aggressively looking for ways establish a steady revenue, while negotiating future releases with record labels.