On Monday, the State Department openly fought against an onslaught of Israeli criticism for John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. The criticism was directed against the effort by Kerry to secure a truce with Hamas, and was a sign of the growing tension between the Israeli and the American governments. The American officials were deeply upset by Israeli news that described the Secretary’s efforts leaning more towards Hamas along with the leak of a classified draft.

The administration officials were blunt and frank in their defence of Kerry, and openly accused Israel of starting a propaganda campaign against the Secretary of State. Jen Psaki, Spokeswoman for the State Department has said that this was not the manner in which allies were supposed to be treated. Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor opined that they were deeply upset by reports that misrepresented Kerry’s efforts. Tony Blinken, Deputy of Susan Rice also echoed her sentiments when he said that Israel could not get a better friend and defender than Kerry.

As the day came to an end, both warring sides came to an understanding with Psaki declaring that the United States was on the path of bringing about a “humanitarian ceasefire.” The Israeli ambassador to the United States said that he was speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister when he said that the criticism of the Secretary of State was uncalled for. The Secretary himself did not talk about the issue during comments made to the press.