In any sport, most players believe they are the best in the league. They feel that they can’t be stop and they can’t be beat. This is the same mindset that Philadelphia Eagles’ safety, Malcolm Jenkins had, after last Sunday’s game.

Malcolm Jenkins would easily place himself as one of the best in his position. He would also believe that he can’t be beat. Another player that probably shares the same mindset as Jenkins is his opponent, this week, Odell Beckham Jr. We’ve seen on a number of occasions, where Beckham went over and beyond to let the crowd know that he is one of the best. At the other side of the field, Jenkins disagrees. Instead, Jenkins points out other players that have great athletic abilities and could easily surpass Beckham.

Some of the players that came to mind were A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Dez Bryant. A.J. Green, the star receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals may receive a different response from his own teammate. Adam Jones, a cornerback for the Bengals may have a different response for Beckham. While speaking to the team at, Jones said this about Beckham: “The kid is a freak. He can do it all. He’s got real good speed. He runs decent routes. He completes every play, He’s the real deal. He’s got a lot.”

Beckham is probably thankful for the praise from Jones, but he probably doesn’t need it. After almost every play or catch that he makes, the star makes sure that people know who he is in the league. With both players sharing different views, it will interesting to see who gets the upper hand in the battle between the Eagles and Giants. The defensive team for the Eagles are already gearing up to put a stop on Beckham’s plays. If this is possible, remains to be seen.