The overwhelmingly demand for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has had Apple’s production fighting to keep up. This is a great problem to have for the mobile phone giant. Even with a limited amount of iPhones available, the company was still able to increase sales in September that were slightly higher than what Wall Street had predicted. This popularity means nothing to the next iPhone.

That’s right. As people wait to get their hands on the iPhone 7 models, Apple is already gearing up for the next mobile phone. Whether it will carry the expected “8” edition remains to be seen. With an increasing demand for the new model, the sales for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won’t even come close. The biggest reason for this thirst for the next model is the complete makeover of iPhone. The phone will have a totally new design that caters to what the fans of Apple have been wanting for a long period of time.

What’s Next?

BUT, this isn’t the surprise. The next iPhone already has the customers in their hands, but there is talks about a new feature being released for the iPhone brand. This one feature could possibly revamp the entire mobile phone market; similar to the very first iPhone being released in 2007.

Along with the secret feature are a number of updates. Insiders claim that the next model will have an OLED screen, while the front and back cover of the phone will be glass. The casing will be connected with metals, along the edges. With the home button being removed from the phone, it will allow the phone’s screen to be a lot larger. This will have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner that will be embedded into the screen, which will include 3D Touch gestures for accessing the home button.