A major leak reveals that Apple plans to bring out three new smartphone models next year. The technology behemoth is reported to be planning to release an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus, along with a totally redesigned iPhone 8.

All three models are set to hit the market in September next year. The iPhone 8 is said to be Apple’s biggest change for some time, resembling a single sheet of glass, with no Home Button and a wireless charging system, which has been codenamed Ferrari.

According to leaked manufacturing documents, Apple will be bringing three separate models to the market. The leak has come from a Weibo account which has previously leaked documents from Apple’s East Asian supply chain, and has proved accurate in the past.

The models are simply referred to as D21, D21 and D22. In previous leaked documentation, the iPhone 7 was called D10 and the iPhone 7 Plus was referred to as D20 while they were in development phases.

Red hue

The latest documentation shows minor upgrades for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S, as well as a new red colour pathway. But Apple seems to be planning to pull out all the stops for the iPhone 8, which it sees as the Ferrari of smartphones.

According to the paperwork, the iPhone 8 will have glass panels on both the front and back, with a slight curve. Rather than a home button, there is expected to be more streamlined fingerprint technology hidden under the glass display so as to keep to the design’s clean lines.



A wireless charging system is also set to be introduced. While most current wireless solutions require the phone to be placed within a few centimetres, Apple is looking at an ambitious solution which would be capable of charging its phones from over four metres away. That could potentially mean that just by being in the same room as the charger, a phone would be topped up.