The shares which are held in RazerInc, which are supported by Li Ka-Shing, a billionaire in Hong Kong and Intel Corp rose as high as over 40 percent on Monday in their debut on the stock market of Hong Kong, with the increasing demand by growing retail for technology stocks that were new.

Announcements had been made by Razer last week that it rose by 500 million, minus the costs of other expenses and underwriting, after the IPO has been priced of 1.063 shares that were primary near the range of HK$2.92 – HK$4.01
the strong start of the debut is the latest information in a line of impressive listings by companies that are based on technology in Hong Kong, with retail investors showing great interest.

This past week, China Literature Ltd, an e-book unit by Tencent witnessed the surging of its shares more than 70 percent in their debut as investors from Hong Kong endorse the rush of listings of technology.

Record profit recorded

Shares that are in ZhongAn Online Property and Casualty Insurance Co went up by 18 percent in their start back in September after over 1 billion dollars was raised by the company in the biggest financial technology IPO ever witnessed by Asia.

The level of excitement that surrounds offerings as these speak well of the listings that are expected from firms that are involved in the same enterprise located in Hong Kong, of these fintech giants includes the popular Alibaba affiliate.