A police statement given by Kim Kardashian after she was the victim of an armed robbery has revealed the terrifying details of her ordeal. The celebrity told detectives that she had heard a noise at the door before masked raiders burst in and grabbed her.

She said she was just wearing a bathrobe and was alone in her apartment when they broke in and pushed her down onto her bed. The concierge at the flat had been forced to take the gang up to her apartment when he was held at gunpoint.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said that both men were wearing hoods and that they each had jackets which said “Police” on them. One was wearing a ski mask. Ms Kardashian also revealed that one of them had a strong French accident and had told her to had over her engagement ring.

Tied up

When she told the thieves she did not know where it way, she said one of the gang took out a gun. She was then tied up with plastic cables and scotch tape. Her mouth and legs were taped up and she was put into her bathtub. She told police she thought she might recognise the smaller robber, who was the one in the ski mask, if she saw him again.

She then goes on to give police a list of jewellery which was snatched, which included two Cartier diamond bracelets and a diamond necklace with the name of her son, Saint, on it. She said she believed that the haul was worth $5m. But, actually when it was counted up later, it emerged that the robbers got away with $10m worth of jewellery.

The shocking details have emerged as a number of alleged gang members have been arrested. Ms Kardashian is now understood to be preparing to travel to Paris so she can help to bring them to justice.