Todd Fisher has said he believes his mother Debbie Reynolds willed herself to die so she could be with his sister, her daughter Carrie Fisher.

Mr Fisher, who is also an actress, said that Ms Reynolds died within half an hour of saying that she wanted to “be with Carrie,” who had died the day before. Ms Reynolds, who shot to fame in Singin’ in the Rain, fell ill with a suspected stroke as she and Mr Fisher discussed funeral arrangements for Ms Fisher.

He said that he was at his mother’s beside at the hospital in Los Angeles she had been rushed to when she told him that she wanted to be with his sister. He said: “She then said that she really wanted to be with Carrie in those precise words. Within 15 minutes, she faded out and within 30 minutes she technically was gone.

Forces of nature

He revealed that she had a stroke, went to sleep and did not wake up. When asked if he believed that his mother willed herself to die, he said that if anyone could do it, she could. He added: “She didn’t die of a broken heart. She just left to be with Carrie…Carrie was a force of nature in her own right. It took another force of nature to bridle and work with that and she was great with her.”

Ms Fisher died four days after suffering a massive heart attack onboard a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles. Mr Fisher said that the Star Wars icon had remained in a critical condition from the time she was brought off the flight and rushed to hospital by waiting paramedics, to the time she died.

While the actor said he and his family were heartbroken, he added: “We also are happy that they’re together. It’s horrible, it’s beautiful, it’s magical they are together, it’s beyond words, it’s beyond understanding.”