A suspicious husband who bugged his own house and installed a tracking device on his wife’s car because he thought she was having an affair, has been convicted of stalking.

A court heard that 41 year old Shane Cross had installed a listening device at the property he lived in with his partner Hannah. However, his attempts were ridiculed at Caernarfon Crown Court, Wales, which heard that the bug did not actually work. Cross also placed a tracking device in her car after he became suspicious when she came back home from a party in early hours of the morning.

Defence barrister Simon Mintz said that his clients sleuthing efforts were so amateur that they were quickly discovered. Presiding over the case, Judge Peter Heywood said that while Mrs Cross had been involved in a pantomime group, her husband preferred to stay at home. After she got back late from a party to celebrate the end of panto season, he decided to install tracking and listening devices to try to discover if she was having an affair.


He has now been given a 12 month suspended sentence and must carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, along with 25 days of rehabilitation. A three-year restraining order has also been imposed to prevent him from contacting his wife, as divorce proceedings are ongoing.

The judge said that Cross, who is a partner in a blinds firm, was a “thoroughly decent hard-working family man,” who became worried that his marriage was rocky. He added that his judgement has been lacking at the time of the offence.

However, the judge also slammed North Wales police for arresting Cross in the first place, saying he did not believe it had been necessary. He revealed that he had thought about making a wasted costs order against the Chief Constable, but decided to speak to the responsible officer instead.