Mobile-builder HTC has revealed that it will repair an “error” that let a broadcast pop up on the keyboard on some of its mobile phones.

A lot of user’s shows outrage online that ad banners that pop up above the touchscreen keyboard during when they type.

HTC’s latest collections of smartphones came with a third-party keyboard named TouchPal pre-installed as the default.
The free version of TouchPal, for the most part, displays ads; although HTC said it was unintentional on its gadget.

The HTC phones work with the Android OS, which allows people download and install a collection of third-party keyboards that make it easier for them to can customize their typing pattern.

Android Default Touchscreen Feature

However, the Android comes with a default touchscreen keyboard built-in, although a lot of firms, as well as BlackBerry and Google, have created their own.

Different phone builders, as well as HTC, pre-install a third party console such like TouchPal or Swiftkey.

A lot of users criticised the new feature saying it interrupted them when they were typing without any notice.

Some users were less considerate as they stated that they were done with the trash app for good.

“The way you show your trash ads pop up at any time I want to write something important is the most foolish and irritating means of advertising have ever seen. You just don’t give a damn about anything other than just making money.”

Other reviewers express their discontent and stated that they will switch to other keyboards from the Google Play app store.
“This is absolutely not the way we planned and we’re working hard to quickly tend to the error and clear the ads as fast as possible,” HTC said in a statement.

A Reddit user wrote: “Ads should be a far away from keyboard app.”

“They knew exactly what they were creating.”