Costa coffee workers stepped in to help desperately cold migrants who are suspected of coming into Britain illegally in the back of a refrigerated truck.

The six men and four boys were treated by paramedics, who were called to a spot near a retail park off the M6, after they were found in the lorry in the West Midlands.

Motorway police had halted the lorry because other drivers had seen hands gesturing for help, hanging out of the vehicle. Officers than called Immigration Enforcement who are processing the 10 males, who have told authorities they have travelled from Iraq, Iran, Vietnam and Lebanon.

A spokesman for West Midlands ambulance service said paramedics had assessed and treated the men and boys for the effects of cold caused by being in a refrigerated chamber for a length of time.

Members of staff from Costa Coffee at the retail park where the lorry was pulled over served up hot drinks to the migrants. Most were treated at the scene, although one was taken to a nearby hospital after he fainted. All ten are understood to be aged between 16 and 26.

The six adults will now go to Immigration Enforcement where they will be questioned, while four of them, who are believed to be minors, will be handed to social services to try to determine exactly how old they are so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Two Spanish men, aged 50 and 60, have now been arrested in connection with the incident, over allegations of facilitating illegal immigration. Immigration Enforcement officials will now take the investigation forward.

Immigration Enforcement is a branch of the Home Office and has responsibility for ensuring that immigration law is followed. While the Home Office has not commented on the case, a spokesperson explained: “Where someone has no right to remain in the UK, we will take action to remove them.”