Nigel Farage is one of only two people – the second is Kanye West – to have met with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York since the election result. Now, Mr Farage, the interim leader of UKIP, is heading back to New York with team Trump.

However, Mr Farage, a key ally to Mr Trump, says he is not expecting an audience with the man himself this time around, given that the President-elect is increasingly busy as he prepares to take the keys to the White House in the New Year.

As Mr Trump busies himself with putting together his top team together, Mr Farage says he will be meeting with friends in Team Trump as well as finding time for a spot of Christmas shopping while he is in the Big Apple.



However, whether he meets with Mr Trump or not this time around, Mr Farage remains the only UK politician to have met the President-elect since last month’s election result. He spent an hour with the former reality star just days after the election, which many pointed out was a humiliating move for British Prime Minister Theresa May.

He then posed for photos in front of Mr Trump’s gold plated lift door. In contrast, Mrs May was granted just a 10 minute phone call with the President-elect. Mr Trump then cemented his support for Mr Farage by tweeting that he should be made Britain’s ambassador to the US. However, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quickly moved to quash that suggestion, saying that there was no vacancy.

Asked what he was intending to do during his visit to New York, Mr Farage said: “Catching up with old friends who are part of his [Trump’s} team, doing a bit of Christmas shopping, no plans to meet the great man at all, he’s busy with other stuff.”