Social media applauded a Muslim and a Sikh taxi drivers for their heroic role during the dramatic events in Manchester. Both drivers helped the wounded victims who were stuck in the attacks.

Twitter users defended the Muslim community in the city after some people accused Islam to be the cause of the attack.

Muslim Drivers Role

“Last night, while my aunty was frantically searching Manchester for my friend and her cousin, a MUSLIM taxi driver took her to find them,” someone tweeted.

“The taxi driver I saw at around 1am offering free rides at a police cordon a few hundred yards from Manchester Arena was a Muslim,” another user added.

It wasn’t only twitter that praised the taxi drivers for their support during the attack, Instagram users were, too, actively telling stories about how the drivers helped.

“My sister just went to pick her daughter up from the nursery and one of the teachers there, who had a brother at the concert last night in Manchester, said to her that a Muslim taxi driver from Manchester kindly drover her brother all the way back to Preston for free of charge,” one man posted on Instagram.

Sikh Drivers Role

Muslim drivers weren’t the only ones helping, Sikh drivers played an important role as well.

AJ Singh, Sikh taxi driver, helped people who needed to find their loved ones by giving them free rides.

“I’ve had people who needed to find loved ones. I’ve dropped them off to the hospital,” Singh said. “They’ve not had any money, they’ve been stranded.”

Liverpool’s Metro Mayor’s story

Steve Rotheram, Liverpool’s Metro Mayor, shared the social media and praised a taxi driver who fought to look for any scared girls.

“This is another one of those spontaneous acts of human kindness,” Rotheram stated.

“This guy abandoned his vehicle and made his way on foot with a mobile number I had given for the girls,” Rotheram added. “He found them at a hotel, a Holiday Inn in Manchester, he found them and their two cousins who they were with and led them back to the car.”

“An hour later they were home and it was just…” Rotheram continued, then stopped for a moment and finally said: “Good man. A good man.”

Police identified the attacker as Salman Abedi. The terrorist was charge of a bomb at Manchester Arena last evening at Ariana Grande’s concert. The deadly attacked resulted in the death of 22 people, including children.