Reports have stated that the Harley Davidson factory situated in Milwaukee has canceled a visit from U.S. President Trump due to fears of possible protests that could emerge as a result.

The visit had been scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 2nd. Mr. Trump was set to also sign executive orders at the factory that were linked with American manufacturing. Details on the executive orders were not elaborated on.

Although the Trump team had not released any statement to the public regarding the scheduled visit, staff from the White House had already been in Milwaukee in order to carry out the necessary preparations for the visit.

Just In Case

However it was reported that as of last Tuesday the entire scheduled visit had been cancelled by Harley Davidson due to their concerns and feelings of unease regarding the protests that had already been going on throughout the entire nation against Trump’s controversial travel ban.

The White House stated that President Trump will not be paying a visit to Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Harley Davidson released a statement in which they said that President Trump was never visiting in the first place during this week to any of their factories.

A President’s Tradition

The motorcycle company stated that throughout the past decades three U.S. Presidents from the past five have paid a visit to their factory.

The three presidents were George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. The Director for the motorcycle company’s corporate communication Maripat Blankenheim stated that “these visits are a testament to the pride and passion of our employees and their great work building Harley Davidson motorcycles.”

Blankenheim added that in the future they are looking forward to having President Trump paying them a visit.

A senior adviser from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) remarked on the matter by saying that President Trump acts tough when he locks up a young 5 year old boy who was trying to locate his mother.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the moment he must defend the Muslim travel ban he imposed which is illegal and is forced to face the citizens of the United States, “he chickens out. What a profile in courage.”