The United States President, Donald Trump nominates Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as the ambassador for religious freedom. The State Department Post needs to be confirmed by the Senate – Brownback was a member of the Senate from 1996 to 2011.

After the announcement of the nomination, Brownback to Twitter to say that Religious freedom is the primary freedom. He expressed his gratitude for being honored with such position.

McLean recounts Brownback’s tax policy

According to Jim McLean, Brownback would vacate the office of the Governor of Kansas as one of the less popular governors in the nation. This is basically because of the tax cuts he headed that made the state revenues to submerge, contrary to what Brownback promised – causing lawmakers to face the problem of filling the annual holes that show up in the state budget.

Others hold Brownback high

The legislative director for Kansas for Life – the state’s biggest anti-abortion association – Kathy Ostrowski said that Brownback inspires other people. Ostrowski added that Brownback inspired some conservative leaders who encountered serious problems from the last tens of years. He encouraged them to keep their hopes high and stay with the problem as they keep working together.

According to The New York Times, the lawmakers of Kansas rolled back the tax policies of Brownback this year, with moderate Republicans and Democrats working to override the governor’s legal power and increase taxes. Brownback served in the Congress for about 16 years before he was elected as Kansas governor.