Search giant Google has announced the decision to stop the support of Google drive for desktop and Mac on December 11, 2017, and the complete removal of the application together with all its functionality on March 12, 2018.

No Longer Useful

Google indicated that the decision was made due to the depreciating usefulness of the app in a blog post and stated that existing users will start seeing notifications concerning its removal from October 2017. However, Google has put in place back up plans for normal users and businesses.

There are two recent software’s developed by google with similar functionalities as its drive which is integrated with the cloud technology and allows you back-up your data.

One is the Backup and Sync which combines the functionalities of both Google’s drive and photos. The other is the Drive File Streamer which employs a more elegant and integrated approach and allows you to access all your google drive files directly from your computer.

The Backup and Sync seems to be the crowd’s favorite as it makes it easier for users to backup and sync their photos and files from PC folders, USB keys and SD cards to the cloud, so they’re ubiquitous however it’s major limitation is the absence of support for NAS drives.

The Drive File streamer combats the problems of time-consuming syncing of files and disk spaces as it does the same function as Backup and Sync, but it is best suited for companies and business users. It has a lot of team-oriented features, file streaming and access to drivers.