Google’s ad network has been discovered to permit the promotion of hostile ad campaigns on its platform just like Facebook which was recently pointed out.

An investigation revealed that you could create active targeted campaigns that promote violence by using Anti-Semites phrases with Google providing assistance to the user to find better similar words to use as well. This was after it was recently discovered that Facebook allowed users to promote ads to self-acclaimed racists in which different ad sections for people declaring they detest for Jews was detected.

The search giant, Google took down the campaign after it was alerted and turned off the auto-suggestion feature, promising to increase its efforts to prevent the reoccurrence of this issue. A spokesperson for the company stated that the event violated their stance against slightly comments hence its removal.

Google To Clamp Down On Offensive Ads

The company’s Ads senior vice president, Sridhar Ramaswamy released an official statement that the collective goal of his group is to halt derogatory suggestions by the keyword suggestion system, claiming that their system has checks that ought to notify any publisher about the use of these violent terms. He further stated that the ads didn’t flag all these derogatory suggestions because their ads are not checked through a larger database of keywords.

Facebook faced similar issues with its algorithm which generated the categories by default when looking through a user’s activity and history. The social media networking site revealed the creation of security checks into the steps of its ad campaigns to prohibit the use of violent attributes as it violates the policy of the company.