After the lorry attack that occurred in a Christmas market in Berlin just a few days ago, the German authorities took into a custody a suspect who has now been released as a result of scarce evidence being linked with his involvement.

The investigators assigned to the Berlin market attack which had left 12 deaths and multiple more wounded have announced that the little evidence currently at hand is not enough to make any final conclusion about the real person behind this incident.

The prosecutor’s office have stated that the suspect they had arrested denied any involvement with the lorry attack, although he allegedly made several broad responses when the authorities interrogated him.

The Alleged Suspect

According to the investigators, as of now it would still prove to be a highly difficult matter so as to gather eye witnesses to the incident to prove that Naved B., a Pakistani refugee had indeed been the one driving the lorry at the time of the incident and responsible for the deaths and injuries at the market.

Naved B., 23 has supposedly matched all the descriptions that were given by eye witnesses at the scene.

However the investigators have yet to finalize such claims to reach a final verdict of whether or not Naved B. had been the driver at the time of event.

The Hunt Continues

Naved B. was taken into custody by the authorities in only a short matter of time following the market attack, but states that he in no way participated in this matter.

The German police are currently on a manhunt in which they are anticipating for him to be armed while he’s on the run.

By German law, prosecutors are granted the authority to keep any suspect arrested within their custody until the day is over until an official warrant for the person’s arrest is formulated and presented.