One week after media reports that China was exploring an automaker’s claimed “hostile to focused” conduct, China demanded a fine of $29 million (201 million yuan) on Shanghai General Motors for damaging against imposing business model guidelines.

The Shanghai Price Bureau said today that Shanghai GM, the U.S. automaker’s wander with state-claimed Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp., shamefully smothered rivalry by upholding least costs merchants were permitted to charge for Cadillac, Chevrolet and Buick models.

Shanghai GM, of which GM possesses 49% and SAIC holds 51%, is the automaker’s biggest joint wander on the planet’s biggest auto showcase. GM is not the primary western automaker to face this kind of endorse. Fiat Chrysler and Audi confronted comparable fines in a far reaching examination that started in 2014 after grievances auto purchasers were being cheated. Twelve Japanese automobile parts providers likewise were fined on value settling charges.

“GM completely regards nearby laws and directions wherever we work,” the organization said in an announcement. “We will give full support to our joint wander in China to guarantee that all responsive and suitable moves are made regarding this matter.”

The endorser against GM comes in the wake of warmed talk from President-elect Donald Trump about U.S. relations with China. Prior this week the Trump move group reported Peter Navarro would lead a recently made national exchange chamber. Navarro, 67, is an educator at the University of California Irvine and a frank faultfinder of China’s exchange strategy with the U.S., having called China “the planet’s most effective professional killer” and an “absolutely totalitarian” state.

The President-elect incited Chinese pioneers recently when he talked by telephone with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, the first run through an American president or president-elect has freely addressed Taiwan’s pioneer since 1979. Throughout the previous 37 years the U.S. has official perceived Beijing as China’s one government and has kept up just informal relations with Taiwan. China’s legitimate response was mindful, however publications in the nation’s Communist gathering controlled media Friday underlined the degree to which Navarro’s ascent has unsettled plumes in the Chinese capital.