Four men who left a police officer with a fractured skull and injured five more have been jailed for an attempted smash-and-grab robbery of designer watches.

Charlie Kavanagh, 26, Stephen Hopkins, 29, James Symes, 30 and Johnny Kyriacou, 25, attempted to steal watches from the Chronext store London’s Piccadily. However, they were caught by the Met’s Flying Squad before they could get away.

They have now been jailed for terms between ten-and-a-half years to life imprisonment after a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court.

The men arrived on mopeds, which they parked on the pavement outside the watch store before one man kicked a security door open, rushing inside and breaking a glass display cabinet. Kyriacou followed Hopkins in, with both men wielding hatchets. However, Flying Squad officers rushed into the shop after them. The pair fled, but police officers ran after them.

Police tackled the men as they hopped back onto waiting mopeds in a bid to escape. Kavanagh then deliberately drove at the officers, knocking two out of the way and hitting a third who was dragged up the road, before the scooter stopped on top of him. He suffered a fractured skull, which caused bleeds on his brain, along with cracked ribs, lung damage and a broken ankle. His injuries were so severe he had not yet been able to return to work.

While he has not been named, the injured officer did release a statement to the court, in which he spoke about the impact of the attack. He said: “I suffered a number of injuries which have had, and which are still having, an impact on my day-to-day life. I’m alarmed at the extent of my injuries as all I did was go to work one day and I ended up on the operating table a couple of days later.”