The recent death of actress Carrie Fisher could lead to Disney receiving about $50 million due to an insurance policy that they had took part in, which states that a reimbursement would be set in place if the actress has not fulfilled all of the three movies as agreed upon contract.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and an additional two more movies within the Star Wars franchise had not been completed by Fisher, thus resulting in this possible win for Disney.

According to the Insurance Insider, this budget is considered to be the largest insurance payout to be delivered as a result of an unexpected accident.

An Unfinished Role

“The Force Awakens” was said to have hit a striking $2.068 billion in the global box office, and Fisher had resurrected her role as Princess Leia from the 1977 Star Wars film and brought it back to life in the newest Star Wars trilogy.

The shooting for Star Wars “Episode VIII” had apparently already been done prior to Fisher’s unexpected death that took place on Dec. 27th.

The actress had received a life threatening heart attack in mid-flight as she was travelling from London to Los Angeles, in which upon landing the medical teams had rushed her to a hospital.

Different Plans

Fisher was set to appear in the upcoming Star Wars “Episode IX” in which the producers and creators of the film were planning to modify either the entire plot of the film or perhaps add visual effects in order to add Fisher’s role in the movie.

It is said to be uncertain however whether or not Fisher’s co-star, Mark Hamill has also been involved or under a similar insurance policy contract.

A post mortem that was conducted on Fisher had revealed that as of now the actual cause is still inconclusive, and it will require additional time and tests.