Police are growing increasingly concerned for a mum who has gone missing with her two young children. Angela Lambert, 45, her son Cyrus, six, and Maryam, two, have not been seen for more than a week.

Officers are fearful about their welfare and are urging anyone who has seen the family, who are from Luton, Bedfordshire, to get in touch with them. Ms Lambert is white, 5ft 8ins and has shoulder-length, messy brown hair. She is said to usually wear tracksuits and trainers and police say she has a number of aliases which she goes by.

Her son Cyrus has short brown hair, while Maryam’s hair is brown, curly and shoulder length. The family were last seen at 11.30am on December 15.

Bedfordshire Polices, Lesley Horton said:  “We are very concerned for Angela and her children’s welfare and I would urge them to get in touch with police so we can check they are safe and well.” The PC also asked anyone who saw the three to get in touch. Police will be hoping that they have positive news as soon as possible. They have not released any details of the children’s father.

Missing people statistics

Last year, some 300,000 calls were made to police in England, Scotland and Wales to report someone missing. Almost two thirds of people go missing intentially and 80 per cent of those who go missing have mental health issues.

Taking about the numbers of missing people, Dr Karen Shalev Greene, who is director of the Centre for the study of Missing Persons at Portsmouth University, said that people with depression might feel as if there was no hope and that they just need some time away. She added that often people who disappeared were what she called “functionally depressed,” those who appeared to be functioning, but were crumbling inside and got to the point where they felt they could not cope.