It has been announced officially. Fast and Furious spinoff will be coming soon to theaters. Following the declaration by Universal Pictures that Fast and Furious nine would hit the cinemas a year later than anticipated, on 20th April 2020. A more recent announcement has come one day after the original declaration, stating that there will be a standalone flick with Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The release date for the project is 26th July 2019 as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter

As expected there would be a star from the franchise with thoughts about this development. Tyrese Gibson in September pled with Johnson concerning the spinoff release date for fear that it would compete with F9 when released.

Gibson’s thoughts shared online

“If you go ahead with your plans for that #Hobbs Movie you will have fully disregarded everything we said in my sprinter,” Gibson shared on social media. “I don’t want us to talk until you recall what we had spoken about, am writing on your timeline because you’ve refused to respond to my messages – #FastFamily is simply a family… We don’t walk alone.”

Gibson took to Instagram today and blamed the co-star for moving F9 forward. He started the post, “Congrats to @TheRock and @hhgarcia41 for crafting the franchise to be about YOU – I will not delete this post even they call.”

He continued, “see you in April 2020 folks, Goodnight #FastFamily yeah? Nah… it’s focused on #TeamDewayne #3yrs will it be worth it?.”

Johnson is yet to respond in public to Gibson’s words.