In the beginning, advertising on Facebook was something ‘different’. A lot of companies didn’t pour a lot of money into the opportunity, because they were so accustom to using the ‘standard media’ for all of their promotion needs. There were those companies that were willing to experiment and test the waters to see what the results would be.

As years went on, the world of social media continued to blossom. The creation of Facebook led to spinoffs of other social media platforms. It also altered the way that the world communicates. Eventually, Facebook would become a social media giant with more than 8 billion users. By this point, companies realized where their marketing dollars should be going. Along with its huge following, the active members on the social platform would spend majority of their days interacting with one another digitally.

Now, users are able to record live video of themselves communicating with their family and friends. The company has had a huge makeover, since the early days and the next step is renewing the way that people advertise. At one point, there were unlimited options for advertising to a niche market. Whether you were marketing clothes or a food product, you could give yourself the best chance of reaching the most potential customers for your buck. Although the numerous options came with great benefits, the family of Facebook noticed a potential problem.

One of the options includes specific demographics and ethnic backgrounds. Recently, the social media giant announced that they would remove the option of customizing the ethnicity of their target market, when it comes to employment, ads that involve credit, and housing. The company believes that these markets are discriminating against what ethnic backgrounds are allowed to receive services and products from the organizations. This decision helps protect the companies and Facebook.