This is an election that will go down in history. This one election has done enough damage in a week’s time to write a book about it. In communities, the election has caused segregation. It has changed the way people work at their job. It has brought people to tears of fear. Other countries have laughed and mocked at America. Now, the elections has changed the world of social media.

Twitter is already in the process of upgrading their ‘mute’ option. Instead of blocking a person, the user can also block specific content. Prior to the elections, any and everything was posted and shared on Twitter. The elections led to people degrading one another, using racial slurs and sexist comments. It has had an amazing effect on the world.

The election also led people to find someone to blame. After trying all of the options that they can think of, people turned to the internet. Facebook, being the largest social media platform in the world, is at the center of attention. With so much activity and media on Facebook, you are able to learn and share anything. For voters, this pours over into the world of politics.

With Facebook, any and everybody is able to share content. You can promote a product or you can share an article. Unless it is some horrific, illegal content, you will not be stopped from posting it. Because of this, voters believe they have good reason to blame Facebook. It has been said that Google, Twitter, and Facebook was posting false information. Or, at least allowing false information to be shared on their platforms. A director of the social-media program at University of Southern California, Karen North said it best. “Do you really want Facebook and Twitter deciding what you can talk about?”