The aftermath of the presidential election just won’t seem to leave. We’ve travelled from social media, all the way down to the cup coffee that we drink. With Starbucks’ new 13 red cups for the holidays, supporters are getting the servers at the coffee giant to announce the name of their president-elect.

One of the most well-known procedures at Starbucks is giving your name. With an unlimited line of people that walk in and out of Starbucks, they brilliantly came up with the concept of writing the customer’s name on their cup. With the black sharpie, they personalize the drink and establish a deeper connection with their customers. Well after your drink has been prepared, they let you know by calling out your name.

Donald Trump supporters have jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of the ‘name calling’. They’ve actually formed a social media campaign, titled #TrumpCup. It involves the Trump supporter saying “Trump”, when the server asks for their name. In doing so, servers will constantly call out “Trump!” throughout the day. Some believe that this campaign came about, because the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz endorsed Hillary Clinton. So, this may be a way of them getting back at Schultz. Either way it is amusing and crazy.

The person that initiated the campaign, 29-year old Timothy Treadstone said he got the idea from a YouTube video. The social media strategist and political consultant said that he saw a video, where the customer told the server that their name was Trump. He said the sound was muffled, but it seemed as the server was ignoring the customer and not writing it on the cup. He said the customer kept repeating the name, until they asked the store’s manager to call the police. After watching the video on Thursday night, Treadstone tweeted this: “Operation #TrumpCup 1) Go to Starbucks & tell them your name is Trump 2) If they refuse take video Pls share & spread the word.”