Eight people have reportedly been injured when a plane caught fire in Chicago.
Images shared on social media show smoke billowing from the aircraft at O’ Hare International Airport. Huge plumes of black smoke are blowing across the airport and beyond.
Terrified people on the ground, most thought to have been passengers on the plane, can been seen fleeing the scene.
Social media posts said part of the right wing had been completely burned through; a message backed up by pictures which appear to show the airplane’s right side having been burned.
The flight, number 383, had been heading to Miami, Florida. However, it hadn’t taken off as planned because of a punctured tyre.
Officials say the engine of the Boeing 767 then set ablaze. The plane’s emergency inflatable slides were deployed in order to evacuate the plane. The runway at O’Hare was also closed as firefighters rushed to tackle to blaze.
The Boeing 767 can hold up to 270 passengers. However, only 161 passengers and nine crew members were onboard. They were all evacuated down emergency slides on the left side of the plane while the right side was ablaze as the wing burned.
The American Airlines jet is said to have been safely evacuated by passengers and crew onboard, with eight people suffering only minor injuries.
An American Airlines spokesman said: “Seven passengers and one flight attendant reported minor injuries and were transported to the hospital to be evaluated.” They added that another flight would be booked for affected passengers to make sure they reached their destination.
The Federal Aviation Administration said while the problem began with a blown tire, the plane’s take off had to be aborted because of “an engine-related mechanical issue”.
Air traffic control radioed the plane when they saw it come to a sudden, unexpected stop.
The pilot can be heard telling control that he could see fire off the right wing.
Air traffic control confirms that it is sending fire trucks, but the pilot decides he needs to evacuate the plane straight away.
Videos of the scene have now emerged, which show passengers sliding down slides to the left of the plane before running in terror across the runway. Some of them were still carrying their luggage, while others had left it behind as they fled.
After emergency services managed to put out the blaze, the damaged right wing could be seen drooping down to touch the runway tarmac.