On Monday morning, Dylan Roof, the 22 year old convicted for murdering nine black worshippers in a church at Charleston, South Carolina, decided he would reappoint his lawyers again, if anything at least for the first segment of the trial.


The trial is divided up into different parts. The first being what is called the guilt segment, and the second being of what will ultimately decide whether or not the accused will receive the death penalty or life in prison.

Prosecutors have requested that Roof be deserving of the death sentence. Roof requested from U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel a few days ago if he may seek support again from his lawyers during the process of the guilt phase.

Mr. Gergel approved his request, cautioning that Roof is no longer legitimately permitted to change his mind once more.

Nonetheless, Roof still insists to serve as his own lawyer for the case during the last and essentially, most vital part of the trial, which decides his fate.

Unwise Decision?

Among other unwise decisions Roof has made was dismissing his legal team last Monday, and tackled 67 impending jurors all by himself.

This is indeed within the boundaries of lawful rights that Roof may use, but Mr. Gergel has referred to the matter as being “very unwise.”

Roof’s legal team stated their worries on the matter, which is they don’t believe he may present sufficient or profound evidence that would evade a death sentence for him.

Roof faces charges of first degree murder, obstruction of the practice of religion, and hate crimes.

During the onslaught at the Emanuel AME Church conducted by Roof in June 2015, he spared three individuals during the shooting so they may reveal to the rest that his killings were strictly due to his extreme loathing towards black people. His trial will initiate on Wednesday.