Jack Crossley, 18, from Worcester Park in south London died due to an overdose from the famous party drug MDMA at the Fabric club located in Farringdon.

Crossley’s family were stricken with grief and complete shock upon hearing of his death, stating that he was just 18 years old and his whole life was ahead of him, as he had not even embarked on his ambitions at this point in his life yet even.

However, Crossley’s death will be used as a positive aspect by his family in order to educate other youngsters who show more than an appropriate amount of curiosity towards drug use and the life threatening impacts it has, as proven by the death of their son.

Reports state that Crossley had allegedly smuggled narcotics into the club, then purchased more from an unknown person at the bar.

Different Method of Fun

Coronor Mary Hassell mentioned that Crossley had ingested MDMA just twice in his life prior to his death, and that he was in no way a hardcore heroin junkie or anything, adding that he was just trying to enjoy a night out with several of his friends, and this was a pure and deadly accident.

Hassell stated that Crossley’s actions serve no different than what most other teenagers are doing as well, who make irresponsible choices and then end up with a life or death related consequence.

Death for Awareness

Meanwhile, Crossley’s family hopes to shed further light on the threats of illegal drug use by other teenagers in an attempt to doing their role in preventing any other unnecessary tragedies upon youngsters.

A friend of Crossley who had been with him on the night of his death stated that Fabric had a rather accepting environment regarding illegal drug use.

Crossley’s death resulted in the club being closed down temporarily, but has been said to reopen again this upcoming Friday, but with a far more stricter and thorough security at the entrance.