Armed police personnel rushed to Pump Lane, situated at Hayes in western London after two men had allegedly been stabbed in the midst of daylight, and had suffered some wounds.

The incident took place around early afternoon before 2 pm, and both victims in which one had been in his 20’s and the other in his 40’s were hospitalized, but showed no severe or fatally inflicted wounds.

The authorities claim that a gun had also been sighted by someone in a car that upon the incident had escaped from the area.

The police took arrested a man around 45 years of age, and have kept him in their custody until further notice.

Nothing Certain Yet

The authorities claim that both a gun and a knife had been discovered inside the car that escaped the scene of the incident at Hayes high street.

Armed police are still positioned within the vicinity of the crime, as a hunt for suspects is currently underway throughout the entire vicinity.

Other than the two victims stabbed, a bus driver along with a police community support officer have both mentioned being endangered and threatened by several aggressive and hostile men within a vehicle.

The Search Continues

As of now, the Metropolitan Police have stated that this matter has not been referred to as a terror-related situation.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan authorities made several statements about this matter, saying that the policed had been contacted and notified about an alleged disturbance of some sort that occurred at Pump Lane, and as the police rushed to the street they had found two men, one in his 20’s and one in his 40’s to have been victims of a double stabbing crime.

No further details have been released yet, as the story is developing and an investigation has been launched.