President-elect Donald Trump affirmed Sunday that Melania Trump and their 10-year-old child, Barron, will stay in New York after he gets to be president, as initially reported in the New York Post. At the point when asked information about the family’s migration arrangements post inauguration, Trump told correspondents that he would promptly move into the official house and that Mrs. Trump and his son, a fourth grader at a Manhattan private academy, would move soon. After he’s done with school, as indicated by McClatchy White House Correspondent Anita Kumar. Trump’s transition representative Jason Miller affirmed that there was clearly an affectability to bringing out a 10-year-old amidst the school year.”

Melania Trump’s choice to not to live in the White House, at any rate for the time being, seems uncommon. Almost every first woman has taken up living arrangement there. As indicated by the White House Historical Association, George Washington and his significant other, Martha Washington, did not live in the White House since it hadn’t been constructed yet. Additionally, first lady Anna Harrison, whose spouse, William Henry Harrison, was the ninth president of the United States, never moved into the official chateau, since her significant other passed away one month after his swearing-in.

Melania Trump, 46, told People magazine in September 2015 that her essential part was not as a campaigner or a political figure, but rather as a mother to Barron, the youngest of the five Trump kids, reverberating an assessment communicated by Michelle Obama when her better half was initially chosen president. “My husband is traveling all the time. Barron needs somebody as a parent, so I am with him all the time”, said Melania.

An uncommon figure on the battle field, Melania Trump remains a puzzle to most. We know she supposes her better half has a “decent heart” and is an “incredible mediator,” that she wants to go up against cyberbullying as first lady and that the white jumpsuit she wore amid her significant other’s presidential triumph discourse was planned by Ralph Lauren. Be that as it may, very little else.