Ever since Donald Trump’s triumph in the U.S. elections, the LGBT community has feared what a nation under his rule could mean for their coexistence within communities.

Apparently, Mr. Trump has reassured the public that he seeks to challenge the already written laws regarding the protection of gay people, and seeks to improve it. Steve Russell, a Republic Congressman stated that to his own understanding on the matter with the new management to be put into place, his ambition to grant national workers religious liberty in the U.S. will follow through.

Last Friday his proposal as he referred to as the “Russell Amendment” was obstructed. Nonetheless, his hopes were high when he stated that Trump to his understanding at the moment seeks to follow it through.

Another challenge arises though on the basis for this religious liberty amongst national workers, since opposing and opinionated religious views will indeed intervene with others views in terms of protection, along with being backed financially as well by their followers simultaneously as well.


President Barack Obama delivered a nationwide command that prohibited any type of abuse or harm towards the LGBT community by national workers back in 2014. To many people’s surprises, Mr. Trump has expressed support for the LGBT and articulated a possible bill to be passed that would aid gay people from receiving punishments from performing same-sex marriages.

According to Log Cabin Republicans, they regarded Mr. Trump as “perhaps the most pro-LGBT presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party.”

As a result, senior advisors of Mr. Trump have rejected the idea of considering him as a valid candidate for the Republican Party.

CEO of Lambda Legal, Rachel Tiven, previously stated on CNN that citizens were showed extreme fear of a Trump presidency and stated that “We’re seeing a fear of an atmosphere of intolerance that began with Trump’s campaign.”