As US president-elect Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20th, uncertainties and worries regarding his policies and views have increased as Chinese President Xi Jinping has far different policies.

Both leaders have promised to restore ‘greatness’ to their nations prior to becoming the official leaders of their countries, but the unpredictable relationship between the two have resulted in worrisome matters regarding US-Chinese relations.

The former senior director for Asian affairs, Evan S. Medeiros remarked by saying that he has never seen two contrasting personalities of leaders between the US and China before.

Mr. Medeiros added that when it comes to personalities of the leader, it plays an enormous role regarding international relations, emphasizing this concept even more when it comes to leaders of global powers.

A Taste of Trump

After the recent event of the Chinese navy capturing an underwater US drone in the South China Sea, Donald Trump’s reactions to this matter have revealed just how sour a relationship with China and Mr. Jinping will become if he indeed does implement a new trade balance system, and if he were to further provoke China with his other actions, such as the infamous phone call to the Taiwanese president just weeks ago.

Mr. Trump’s impulsive decisions do not match with Mr. Jinping’s rather solid, calm and disciplined method of taking decisions.

Mr. Trump has recently declared several statements of intimidation towards China, and the consequences could bare once he is finally sworn in.

Possible Suggestions

As of now, Mr. Jinping has not released any public statement in response to Donald Trump’s threatening policies towards China in the future, but an associate professor at the University of Cornell, Jessica Chen Weiss has stated that the Chinese government will definitely strike back hard against any alterations that are made towards the US-China policies, and that it would be wise and practical if Mr. Trump’s advisers from now on were to monitor all of his future tweets before it being posted.