The 15-year-old girl admitted she killed Katie Rough, 7, “to test whether she was a robot”

Katie Rough, age 7, was found unconscious and covered in blood on a playing field with a cryptic note left beside her, reading “They are not human, they are not real”.

The 15-year-old girl who suffered from “macabre delusions”, first smothered Katie by holding her gloved hand over her mouth and then stabbed her repeatedly with a Stanley knife, slashing her throat.

The perpetrator was spotted by neighbor Peter Mills shortly after the incident, disheveled and standing in the middle of the road.

Prosecutor Graham Reeds stated to the court: “She was distressed, covered in mud and had a blood stained right hand. Such was her condition that his first reaction was that she had been the victim of a serious attack and alerted his wife to come and help”.

The perpetrator had dialed police and told them she had killed Katie and the location of her body, and told the same to Mr. Mills, who immediately ran to the field.

Paul and Alison Rough, Katie’s parents, were alerted to what had happened and ran to the field arriving shortly after a police officer.

Despite efforts to revive Katie by paramedics at the scene and later at York Hospital, she was pronounced dead at 5:44 PM.

Teenage girl described as “disillusioned”, extremely disturbed

Mr. Reeds described the defendant and perpetrator of the crime as being “an extremely troubled and damaged girl which showed mental health problems which had increases of severity in the weeks and days before this offense.”

“She thought that Katie was not human and was a robot.” Mr. Reeds concluded. The defendant denied murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, a plea that was accepted by the prosecution.

Katie was described b those who knew her as a “kind and thoughtful child”.