Reddit though always coming off as an endeavor towards nothingness, once every now and then comes up with some valuable prospect. A photo was posted on Instagram by Paul Rosenberg concerning the release and promotion of Eminem soon to be released project. The information shared was shown covertly as an ad campaign for a medication named REVIVAL, where the E on it is reversed in classic Eminem style.

A video is displayed on a website depicting some hikers needing a certain REVIVAL for a fictional disease known as AtroxLithiums. On the site, there are slight hints suggesting that the said REVIVAL could be as music to the ears. There is a number designated to the fictional product where callers hear the famous ‘I need a doctor’ song by Eminem playing on the background and a message heard by an unknown speaker saying there is only one shot at overcoming AR. CanticumRemedium is the Latin rendition of the words song cure, which is heard on the call.

Fans anticipate the big release

So far, nothing definitive has been released by the Shady Team. However, fans are confident the renowned rapper is going to return with a work delightfully elaborate. After some publicity being stirred for his performance on BET, Eminem from all indications is poised to release his studio album.