A man from Denver with Pakistani origins had been arrested Thursday in West L.A. for possession of weapons and explosives, according to a law enforcement statement to ABC News.

The man who was identified on Friday as one Adam Nauveed Hayat, 35 years old, from Denver Colorado by the office of the US Attorney for California’s Central District, had been discovered carrying knives possibly on a flight from Denver to L.A. as he attempted to follow his ex-girlfriends, say police.

The US military veteran previously served in Iraq and ABC News reported that he previously sent letters to the military’s Veteran Affairs Offices complaining regarding treatment he received by the military agency.

Arrest and History

Investigators continue to try to determine if the man was on any law enforcement or other authority radars prior this arrest.

Along with the knives, authorities say they found explosive devices at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel, where he had been staying. No devices had been detonated prior to their discovery.

Court Appearance and Charges

Hayat made a court appearance Friday at the US District Court for California’s Central District where he had been read his rights and told of the charges against him.

He had been ordered to be imprisoned with no possibility of bond, and also ordered to be removed from Colorado. Ultimately, he will be transferred for even more court proceedings by US Marshalls.

Hayat is being charged with the crimes of possession of multiple weapons, such as unregistered firearms and knives. These charges carry the possibility of up to 10 years in federal jails, and around $250,000 in fines.

The man was arrested in a Holiday Inn in La Cienenga Boulevard, a major thoroughfare running from North to South LA.