As moviegoers prepare for the latest release from Disney, critics have already had their share of popcorn and offer their review of the animated musical. What is the results? It seems as if people are praising Disney’s princess, across the board. It is believed that this new film will become another Disney Classic.

After receiving a seal of approval, the next step is the usual comparison. Being that the star of the film is a princess, critics are curious to know if she will have the same amount of fame as another Disney princess. While the previous princess lived in an ice castle, Moana is a tropical princess.

One of the first approvals came from The Hollywood Reporter. The exciting, full of life review shows Moana as being the best animated musical in the past decade. The review highlights a great voice cast, story, and CG animation. Even Forbes reporter, Scott Mendelson praised the latest film by pointing out how the film improved from the storyline of another Disney film, Frozen. The biggest improvements were the animation and the choice of music, which has elements that were missing from the previous musical.

The flow of the animation is much better and makes the characters look more realistic. The biggest complaint is the similarity to previous Disney films. One critic stated that Moana, at times, resembled a mixture of past Disney films. The film also received a tweet from Entertainment weekly, which stated, “Moana is a worthy successor to Disney’s most beloved animated classics.”

One of the biggest changes in Disney library was noticed by Variety and Entertainment Weekly: “Moana keeps with the tradition that made Disney the leader in animated fairy and folk tales, and yet, showing a thoroughly modern touch, it’s the first to do so without so much as suggesting a love interest.