The recording of Roof was played Friday for the hearers measuring the destiny of the 22-year-old interestingly at his government capital punishment trial. In the video, the FBI could be seen perusing Roof his rights and ensuring he comprehended that he was giving an announcement without a legal advisor exhibit.

Roof did not give off an impression of being affected by anything when he put forth the expression taking after his capture on June 18, 2015 in Shelby, North Carolina, FBI specialist Michael Stansbury affirmed. Also, Roof was not certain what number of individuals he slaughtered at the Emanuel AME Church.

“Five, not really sure. Maybe four”, Roof responded.

When questioned if he said anything to the victims, Roof answered, “I didn’t say anything to them before.”

“It was very fast,” Roof said on the video.

Roof told the FBI operator he looked into his objective and went on the slaughtering spree since blacks were assaulting white ladies.

“I do see myself as a racial oppressor,” he conceded on the footage.

Roof additionally said he was “in total stunningness” that there were no police outside the congregation when he turned out. He said he would have slaughtered himself if there were. Throughout the recorded discussion, Roof talked about observing a 1980’s TV motion picture about a supremacist skinhead called “Made in Britain.” And when inquired as to whether he lamented what he’d done, Roof said, “Better believe it, I’d say as much.” Told the loss of life was really nine individuals, Roof seemed to respond with skepticism and afterward regret. “Indeed, it makes me feel terrible,” he said, when asked how he felt.

Sitting at the safeguard table, Roof did not take a gander at the FBI operator as he was being addressed. Be that as it may, the twisting footage is probably going to tighten up the anguish at the as of now candidly laden trial. On Wednesday, Roof’s mom endured a heart assault after prosecutors laid out for the court how her child plotted the killings of the dark Bible review members on June 17, 2015 in the partnership lobby of the Emanuel AME Church.